uhhh Hello Kitty?

I went to the game tonight because my sister had an extra ticket. It has been a long time since I have gone to a weeknight game because of work and the kids.  It was a little odd since I enjoy going with the kids even if it gets tough sometimes when they are bored/cranky. 

I got to the stadium early and decided to park on Academy and take a nice stroll.  Again, this is something I haven't done in a while since it is too hard to walk all that way with two young kids in tow. (*Tip to any one who is planning on parking at Dodger Stadium, you can pay ahead of time online and save five dollars or more). 

It happened to be Hello Kitty Mini Bobblehead night and there were a lot of fans that were excited to get their give-away.  I not just talking about little girls but adults - both male and female.  The Dodger Cam caught a lot of people taking photos of the bobblehead (maybe some for online sales in the future) and wearing Hello Kitty hats, shirts, etc.  "Hello Kitty" threw out the first pitch (okay I thought it was a little creepy). There was even a special Dodger stand that was selling Hello Kitty Dodger products.  How did this happen? Who decided to mix Dodger baseball with a Japanese Sanrio character? Genius. Not my cup of tea personally, but it absolutely brought a new sect into in the stadium and made it fun for young kids too. 

It was nice to go out to catch a ballgame in person, but the Dodgers didn't have a great game.  Lost 4-1 to the CWS and have now lost 5 out of the last 10.  We are still 7 games behind the Giants since they also lost today.  Luckily it is early in the season and there is plenty of baseball to be played.  How is it still so stressful though?