Little Kershaw

In our house, we refer to our youngest son as little Kershaw (you didn't think I was referring to Clayton in my title did you?).  We discovered early on that he favored his left hand and had a pretty strong throw...for a baby.  Thus, we immediately dubbed him the next Kershaw. No pressure, right?

The more you read about Clayton, the more you see the high expectations associated with such a nickname.  We all know the baseball stuff - 2 time Cy Young recipient /1 time Cy Young runner up, Triple Crown winner, 3x All Star, etc.  An amazing left-handed pitched that has been liken the next Sandy Koufax.   Then there is all the humanitarian stuff - building an orphanage in Zambia and supporting numerous organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, the Peacock Foundation, and Mercy Street.  Each season Kershaw pledges to non-profits and tries to make a difference to those in need. Please check out this season's goals at

We have definitely chosen quite a role model for our little boy.  One that I am proud of.  Obviously he doesn't need to worry about meeting any expectations right now at the ripe age of two.  He can just continue to find the joy in throwing things. Anything. Mostly at me.    

* P.S Nice win for Kershaw tonight with the Dodgers' 5 UN-earned runs beating the the CWSs' 2 earned runs.  He worked 8 full innings (97 pitches) and Kenley came in for the save, striking out the side.