When the Past Comes to Haunt

Top of the 9th and Prado strikes out bringing it to two outs and two on base. My husband comments "Oh great, now Cody Ross is going to come up and hit a home run."  Odd comment considering Cody Ross's AVG is a whooping .190.  Truth be told, I had a bad feeling too.  Luckily we were wrong and Kershaw gets the W tonight.

Whenever a former Dodger comes up to bat against the team, I get a pit in my stomach and the thought that he is going to try to make his past team pay.  It doesn't always make sense since there may not have been bad blood or, like in Ross's case, the AVG would speak otherwise. Nevertheless, I get the feeling and I know my other Dodgers friends do as well.  

Do all baseball fans get this feeling?  Players get moved around a lot and so it is highly likely to see someone you used to wear a jersey for.  I mean I still don't know what to do with my Russell Martin shirt.  Interesting to think about the days when players didn't bounce around and someone would be with one team for the whole of his career.  Ok well now I digress...