Team "Nemeses"

I admit it, I had to look up how to spell the plural form of nemesis before beginning this post.  

The MLB sent out an email today (one in which many of you probably got) with the subject heading "Your team's all time nemesis is..."  and a link to an article at the Sports on Earth site.  I was definitely intrigued and decided to give it a read. 

The article goes on to detail the most successful hitter against each team in the MLB.  Barry Bonds appears a ridiculous number of times on this list.  While definitely interesting and well written, I don't think that it details the true nemesis of each team since a lot of other factors need to be taken into consideration.  Defensive stats, questionable plays, off-field commentary, etc.  We all have players that we boo or dislike whenever they come up to bat against the Dodgers, but they may not be the ones with the highest OPS.  

Perhaps there is actually TOO much to consider if we were to list the most hated player for each team. All that being said, Barry Bonds probably is a true nemesis for at least one team in the MLB...


Dodger Outfield

Matt Kemp was out of the starting line-up again today again for the fifth game in a row.  This was the talk throughout the game as the camera would zoom in on Kemp quietly watching the game in the dugout.  For those of you who have not been following, Kemp was put into a reserve role because of some defensive...difficulties he was having in center field.  Also in play is the fact that Ethier, Crawford, and Puig have recently been seeing some heat in their bats.  There has been speculation that this has caused tension in the clubhouse and some bad feelings, but I can only imagine that it is tough for an All Star like Matt Kemp to be out of his center field job.  

Fast forward to the eight inning of tonight's game when Carl Crawford ran to get a ball in left field and rolls his left ankle.  The medical team are dubbing it a "moderate" sprain.  Van Slyke was the one that ran out to finish the game, but time will tell what the Dodger team will decide to do in Crawford's absence. 

In happier Dodger outfield news, Ethier, who is now our current everyday center fielder, had quite a night with his first home run since April 19th and a bases clearing triple.  He gave the Dodgers a nice lead that would not be overcome. #Dreday :) 

Go Dodgers and can't wait to hear you tomorrow night Vin! You have been sorely missed. 

Beckett's Day

Re: previous Beckett blog entry - Josh, you have made me a believer. A career first no-no against the much hated Phillies at Citizens Banks Park. 128 pitches, 80 strikes and nine completely wonderful innings pitched.  Beckett has become the happy surprise this season and is living up to the potential we had all hoped for when he joined the Dodgers in 2012.  He was effective today with a mix of pitches including a good fastball (one that only got faster as the game entered it latter innings).  

The last time the Dodgers had a no hitter was Sept 17, 1996 with Hideo Nomo in Colorado.  The Dodgers have the distinction of having the most no-hitters and the Phillies are the most no-hit team of all time.  I love stats like this - thanks ESPN.

I know I have been posting a lot of videos lately, but this is one that can't be missed.  Happy goosebumps all around as you watch Beckett get the last strike and the elation of his teammates in the dugout,  in the bullpen, and the coaching staff.  What a wonderful sight.  This is surely a day he will never forget. 

Guerrero v. Olivo

This past week Alex Guerrero and Miguel Olivo got into a scuffle during a Triple-A game that resulted in Guerrero's ear getting partially bitten off.  Good grief.  Yes, I wasn't there, I don't know what was said or what history they may have with one another, but there is really no excuse to behave this way.  They are teammates playing in professional arena with other players that take the game seriously.  

Guerrero was set to possibly take over an infield position at the Major League level, but now will be out for unknown weeks.  Meanwhile Olivo has been suspended by the Dodgers until everything gets resolved regarding this situation.  I am sure neither of them are happy and wished they had reacted better under whatever circumstances there were.  Correction, they had BETTER be thinking about their actions and how they have hurt themselves and their fellow teammates. 


Hard Hitters

Great win today with the help of 3 home runs from Adrian, Puig, and Hanley.  Ryu pitched a gem and Kenley got the save.  Nice feeling after some of the recent losses we have witnessed. 

In other news, my son's Little League team, the Cubs (*yes it has been hard saying "go Cubs!"), won the first two games of their tournament but suffered their first loss yesterday against, of course, the Dodgers.  As hard as it is to watch the MLB Dodgers lose a game, it is even tougher watching these young kids lose.  Their little faces were full of disappointment and it was the first time I have seen a lot of them get upset/mad.  The good news is that it is a double-elimination tournament so they will still have a chance to get to the championship game.  Of course it also means more gut twisting games...ah our love/hate relationship with the game of baseball. Fingers crossed. Go Cubs ;)

Challenges & Statistics

No Dodger game today as it is a travel day for them.  I sat down to watch part of the Angels game and began thinking of the new MLB replay when Scioscia made a challenge.   As of yesterday, 280 challenges had been made with 132 decisions overturned (47.14%).  That is an amazing amount of calls that may have changed the outcome of the game.  It will be interesting to see if that percentage goes up or down as the the replay continues to be implemented in the years to come.  One more thing to track in the world of baseball statistics. 

Baseball statistics are astounding - there are statistics for EVERYTHING.  We track how many left handers have faced a specific pitcher in a specific field and what the resulting ERA is.   Someone can look up what Dodger players have hit more than 2 doubles in more than 10 games in the month of May.  The possibilites are endless (and I love hearing them from Vin). 

Wouldn't it be great if we had full statistics like that for our kids? I am not just talking about Little League, but home life.  On average, how many times do I need to ask my boys to get in the bath before they actually walk into the bathroom?  When was the last time both of them did it on the first try on the same day?  

Too bad I don't have an organization to help me document all these things.  :)