Dee Best

Summer has definitely started in my household as we went out for a week night game today.  The boys are a little older and so they were able to enjoy it more.  My older boy actually asked about the plays being made and my younger one cheered loudly (at the appropriate times).  Please understand that this time last year my older boy would have just sat there saying how loud it was and my younger boy would have been asking to go the 2nd inning.  Progress has definitely been made. 

It was Dee Gordon's night as he went 4 for 4 with a walk.  The stadium roared watching his almost in-the-park home run (scored as a triple with a run on an error) and speed around the bases.  He can really electrify a crowd.  This has really been a wonderful season for him so far and I look forward to watching him grow as a player. 

Great night of baseball and we can all sleep well :) a neuroscientist

Last week, Mayim Bialik visited Express Written Consent during a Dodgers v. Giants game and explained how a neuroscientist, such as herself, finds baseball so fascinating because of how superstitious and compulsive baseball players are.   Players feel like certain things needs to be accomplished in order for the correct outcome to occur. Case in point, Pablo Sandoval comes up to bat and there is a "fixed-action pattern" he has designed (aka routine) which includes tightening his batting gloves even when they don't look like they need tightening.  He grounds out and Mayim states that there are probably "a whole set of things in his brain now that he should have done" in order for him to have safely arrived at base. 

Such an interesting perspective and I would have loved for her to have dissected Nomar Garciaparra when he was playing.  Do you all remember his at-bat routine? Some serious stuff going on right there!  He claims that it is not superstition though and that "I'm just doing it to get everything tight. I like everything tight, that's all it is, really."  Even if it is not superstitions  it is DEFINITELY compulsive. 

Each baseball player probably has such compulsions/superstitions to some degree, but lets think about how many fans have these compulsions?  There are those fans with a certain routine before a game or something they do to "induce" a rally.  Some merely wear the same stinky shirt that they believe to be the root of a winning streak.  Sports in general are full of such things. Too bad I don't have the time to go back to neurology school to pin point why. 

When the Past Comes to Haunt

Top of the 9th and Prado strikes out bringing it to two outs and two on base. My husband comments "Oh great, now Cody Ross is going to come up and hit a home run."  Odd comment considering Cody Ross's AVG is a whooping .190.  Truth be told, I had a bad feeling too.  Luckily we were wrong and Kershaw gets the W tonight.

Whenever a former Dodger comes up to bat against the team, I get a pit in my stomach and the thought that he is going to try to make his past team pay.  It doesn't always make sense since there may not have been bad blood or, like in Ross's case, the AVG would speak otherwise. Nevertheless, I get the feeling and I know my other Dodgers friends do as well.  

Do all baseball fans get this feeling?  Players get moved around a lot and so it is highly likely to see someone you used to wear a jersey for.  I mean I still don't know what to do with my Russell Martin shirt.  Interesting to think about the days when players didn't bounce around and someone would be with one team for the whole of his career.  Ok well now I digress...


Who writes the MLB Teams' Twitters?

Not sure how I got to this page but apparently the MLB Teams had a twitter sing-a-long yesterday to Taylor Swift's "Love Song." Of course in this case, it was "Glove Song."

I actually fully blame the Dodger twitter for steering the original MLB post in this direction.  

It is a funny read with some clever (and some lame) photos to go with the verses.  I am just interested to know who was writing it for each team and whether or not they had to Google the lyrics.  Then the question becomes, what made them feel compelled to join in if they needed to Google the lyrics?  Most likely it is a group of people working together to compose each tweet, but I like my little fantasy of some "manly" guy sitting in front of the computer, thinking of the perfect photo to add to the Taylor Swift sing-a-long....

uhhh Hello Kitty?

I went to the game tonight because my sister had an extra ticket. It has been a long time since I have gone to a weeknight game because of work and the kids.  It was a little odd since I enjoy going with the kids even if it gets tough sometimes when they are bored/cranky. 

I got to the stadium early and decided to park on Academy and take a nice stroll.  Again, this is something I haven't done in a while since it is too hard to walk all that way with two young kids in tow. (*Tip to any one who is planning on parking at Dodger Stadium, you can pay ahead of time online and save five dollars or more). 

It happened to be Hello Kitty Mini Bobblehead night and there were a lot of fans that were excited to get their give-away.  I not just talking about little girls but adults - both male and female.  The Dodger Cam caught a lot of people taking photos of the bobblehead (maybe some for online sales in the future) and wearing Hello Kitty hats, shirts, etc.  "Hello Kitty" threw out the first pitch (okay I thought it was a little creepy). There was even a special Dodger stand that was selling Hello Kitty Dodger products.  How did this happen? Who decided to mix Dodger baseball with a Japanese Sanrio character? Genius. Not my cup of tea personally, but it absolutely brought a new sect into in the stadium and made it fun for young kids too. 

It was nice to go out to catch a ballgame in person, but the Dodgers didn't have a great game.  Lost 4-1 to the CWS and have now lost 5 out of the last 10.  We are still 7 games behind the Giants since they also lost today.  Luckily it is early in the season and there is plenty of baseball to be played.  How is it still so stressful though?

Little Kershaw

In our house, we refer to our youngest son as little Kershaw (you didn't think I was referring to Clayton in my title did you?).  We discovered early on that he favored his left hand and had a pretty strong throw...for a baby.  Thus, we immediately dubbed him the next Kershaw. No pressure, right?

The more you read about Clayton, the more you see the high expectations associated with such a nickname.  We all know the baseball stuff - 2 time Cy Young recipient /1 time Cy Young runner up, Triple Crown winner, 3x All Star, etc.  An amazing left-handed pitched that has been liken the next Sandy Koufax.   Then there is all the humanitarian stuff - building an orphanage in Zambia and supporting numerous organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, the Peacock Foundation, and Mercy Street.  Each season Kershaw pledges to non-profits and tries to make a difference to those in need. Please check out this season's goals at

We have definitely chosen quite a role model for our little boy.  One that I am proud of.  Obviously he doesn't need to worry about meeting any expectations right now at the ripe age of two.  He can just continue to find the joy in throwing things. Anything. Mostly at me.    

* P.S Nice win for Kershaw tonight with the Dodgers' 5 UN-earned runs beating the the CWSs' 2 earned runs.  He worked 8 full innings (97 pitches) and Kenley came in for the save, striking out the side.